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It's all about the service

Yammin Hammond Inc was established in 1984 and distinguishes itself from other law firms by constantly striving to provide service of the highest quality, not only in terms of our legal expertise, but also in terms of our dedicated and personal approach to dealing with our clients.

Our motto is something that is imbued in our staff from the highest to the lowest echelon. The company is run on a lean and mean basis in order to circumvent the issues that arise when a client has to deal with large departments which have to communicate with other large departments within an organisation.

Our staff compliment currently comprises of 36 enterprising individuals who work tirelessly in an effort to maintain the high standards that we, as a company, are constantly seeking to achieve.

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Main Areas of Practice

We are proud of our success rate across the broad range of legal services as well as the loyalty of our clients, which testifies as to the value and effectiveness of the professional services offered.

General Legal Advice

Wills, Trusts and Deceased Estates

Matrimonial Law

Commercial Litigation

Labour Law


Commercial Agreements and advice

Residential Conveyancing


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Janneve Knight Ruckstuhl

10 stars..... Not only helpful but extremely knowledgeable..

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